Fin & Feather

Our Own Adventures

Think of your favorite hobby. Now imagine working in a place where you get to share your knowledge about that and learn about new gear and methods available to improve your experience with it. That pretty much sums up our employees - they are avid fishermen, hunters, campers, yoginis and health food nuts. They plan their upcoming adventures extensively, collecting advice and new gear, then share their triumphant (and sometimes hilariously disastrous) stories when they return. They bring back photos of bucks and turkeys and occasionally fry catfish in the back room. We think our employees are great, and hope you'll enjoy sharing a bit of their adventures, too. 

Collin takes on the AT

If you visited Fin & Feather H2O last summer, you probably saw Collin. He was manning the boat shack, playing great music, and soaking up the sunshine until the lake practically froze over. Now, he's planning his next adventure. His goal: to hike the entire Appalachian Trail next spring. You can follow his adventures here

 We love hearing about your adventures too! If you have a tall fishing tale, camping story involving a bear (or suspected bear), or otherwise, please share it with us at 

  • Great Iowa River Canoe & Kayak Race

    As a combined force, Collin and Brian brought the paddle trophy back to Fin & Feather this year!