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Sleeping Bags & Pads

We carry a range of sleeping bags that promise to keep a camper cozy during everything from a Boy Scout's first foray into the wilderness to your next hike up Denali. Sleeping on Grandma's living room floor for the holidays? We have that covered, too. Check out our selection of sleeping pads, pillows and camping blankets to enhance your comfort. 

Things to Consider When Selecting a Sleeping Bag

Temperature rating

This is the manufacturer's best guess at the lowest temperature you can sleep in and still be kept warm and cozy. This of course varies by your own body, and will change if you have a tendency to be cool or warm when sleeping. In general, women tend to get colder when sleeping, and enjoy slightly warmer bags. Thus, temperature ratings are a great guide, but certainly not a guarantee. Bags are categorized accordingly:

Sleeping Bag Type Temperature Rating (°F)
Summer Season Bag +35° and higher
3-Season Bag +10° to +35°
Cold Weather -10° to +10°
Winter/Extreme  -10° and lower

Synthetic vs Down Insulation

Synthetic insulation offers a reliable, sturdy overall performance while keeping your cost down. It's quick-drying, non-allergenic, durable and insulates even when wet. Down insullation, while being more expensive, is more packable (a space saver) and will keep you more comfortable in a wider range of temperatures. 


Bags are generally identified as either a "mummy" or "rectangular" style. Rectangular bags are roomier, while mummy bags have a tapered design that insulate your body more effectively. Women-specific bags are generally shorter & narrower at the shoulders, wider at the hips and offer additional insulation in the footbox and upper body. 


Get a bag too short and you'll be uncomfortable and have cold shoulders. Too long and your body warmth won't be used as efficiently, so you'll sleep a little cooler. Most bags are available in short, regular and long options. While bags come with height guidelines, we suggest you climb in! Our bags are out and available for testing before you purchase them. 


Some bags are compatible and can zip together. Many feature small pockets near the top of the zipper for keeping lip balm or mp3 players close at hand. Built-in hoods offer more warmth around your head and will really make you feel snug as a a rug. 

Preserve the life of your bag!

  • Bags last longer if you store them uncompressed, in larger sacks. 
  • Wearing clean socks & clothing in your bag will keep your skin oils (and camping dust) out of the bag. 
  • Follow the manufacturer cleaning instructions: we have specific wash for your down products. 



Many campers enjoy the comforts of a compressible, soft pillow. We have them in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. In addition, many sleeping bags have a built-in pocket under your head where you can layer up your clothing to serve as a pillow. 

Bag liners

Like sheets for your sleeping bag, these can give you a more comfortable sleep while keeping your bag in pristine condition. They add a bit of warmth to your bag, and can be used separately (like on top of your bag) if you're camping in the summer. 

Sleep Pads

Considered an essential add-on, these will add a layer of insulation and padding between you and the ground. Without it, you'll lose heat to the cold ground and feel every little pebble. 

Featured Brands

  • Marmot
  • Big Agnes
  • Therm-a-Rest
  • Slumberjack
  • The North Face
  • Alps Mountaineering (Camp Cots)

How to choose a sleeping bag 

  • The North Face Cat's Meow

    Climashield™ Prism synthetic insulation and soft silken lining combine to make the Cat's Meow a classic bag for three-season mountaineering treks down to 20ºF

  • Women's Cat's Meow

    Climashield™ Prism synthetic insulation and soft silken lining combine to make the Women's Cat's Meow a classic bag for three-season mountaineering forays down to 20ºF.

  • Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillows

    They pack smaller and expand bigger than ever—perfect for everyone from trekkers and travelers to car campers.

  • Therm-a-Rest ProLite Sleep Pad

    The ProLite™ mattress is tailor-made for anyone seeking lightweight three-season comfort. In this mattress, minimal weight and packed size are as much a priority as reliable performance and comfort.