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Maybe you're looking for your next (or first!) pair of hiking boots. Perhaps some sandals that will take you from the trail out into the water for your next canoe trip. Maybe you're interested in minimalist running but aren't sure which style is best for you. Or maybe you're just in the market for a new addition to your shoe collection. Whatever the reason, we've got popular styles from reliable brands and the staff to properly fit you and make your feet just a little bit happier. 

Some things to keep in mind while wiggling your toes in your potential new pair of shoes:


Buying hiking shoes can be a bit more involved of a process than your average pair of shoes. They need to fit right, giving your toes some wiggle room without letting you foot slide around too much, or be too cramped.

Hiking shoes should match your ambitions - you need a boot equipped to handle the stress of your planned hike. Lighter hiking boots are favorites among ultralight backpackers and require minimal break-in time. Our selection includes heavier boots designed for backpacking and mountaineering (think, icy paths and crampons) and our friendly footwear staff will be happy to help you select the right boot for your plans.


Your feet aren't generally their happiest when they spend all day in a flat-bed flip-flop. Arch support and footbed contouring are always important considerations, whether you're looking for a hiking sandal or something to wear to the farmer's market. Don't worry - we do have a flip flop selection too, including sandals from The North Face, Cushe and Chaco. 

Chaco offers a very comfortable contoured footbed, but you'll want to be fitted in the store to make sure your arch lines up with the proper part of the sandal. 

Teva provides some very lightweight options for men and women that transition well between land and water while supporting your foot and looking sharp in the process. And of course, they hold up well, too.


The type of running shoe you'll want will depend both on your level of experience and the type of running you plan on doing. For trail running, we have shoes with more aggressive lugs to keep you from sliding around in the gravel or whatever other muck you might encounter on the trail. For indoor or street running, we have options from The North Face and Merrell. If you're going the minimalist route, we have a selection from Merrell as well. 

Snow Boots

When in boots, wet feet are not happy feet. Avoid unhappy feet by starting with socks that will wick away moisture and stink (think SmartWool) and finishing with boots that'll keep your tootsies warm and dry.

For example, check out the women's Carabou from Sorel. These Sorel originals feature waterproof construction, seam-sealing and a removable ThermoPlus™ felt inner boot for warmth, comfort and protection in cold and wet winter weather.

We also carry winter-proof boots from LaCrosse, Merrell, and The North Face in a variety of styles that will take you to your dinner downtown, or back out to the barn. 


Many of our shoe vendors offer more casual, street-wise styles as well as serious outdoorsy shoes. These include low-profile sneakers from Cushe, booties from Merrell and some hip new styles from Ecco. 

Some of our featured brands:

  • Asolo
  • Birkenstock
  • Chaco
  • Cushe
  • Danner
  • Ecco
  • Irish Setter
  • Keen
  • Merrell
  • The North Face
  • Rocky
  • Salomon
  • Teva
  • Vasque