Fin & Feather


If you visit Fin & Feather in the spring, summer or fall, you'll see many a pair of Chacos wandering around the store. Many of us own several pairs of them, because owning one pair generally means falling in love with these sandals. They are extremely durable, but the variety of colors and styles will make you want to expand your collection. They even have different outsoles to choose from, depending if you want a lighter sandal you can run around town in or something designed with a hiker or kayaker in mind. Aggressive enough to hike in, yet stylish enough to wear downtown, Chacos are a great fair-weather sandal that is easy to slip on and transitions well between dry land and lakes, streams or other water-oriented activities (like rocking a Stand Up Paddleboard at Fin & Feather H2O!)

Since you'll want to wear them constantly, you might be curious about how to clean your Chacos. Here are a few tips on doing that:

  • Wash sandals frequently. Obvious, but people forget.
  • Wear your sandals in the shower. Why not? It's fun.
  • Throw any non-leather Chaco sandals in the washing machine.
  • Scrub the footbed of your sandals with baking soda & water. Rinse and let air dry.
  • Avoid bleach! Allow to air dry and do not place sandals in the dryer.
  • Floss webbing! Every few washes pull the webbing back and forth to keep the channels clear of grit & sand. Pour liquid fabric softener into the slits where webbing meets the footbed in order to help slide the webbing. 

Adjusting the fit of your Chacos can feel cumbersome and confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find it's a synch. In case you forget though, here's are some handy videos, depending on which style you have (toe loop or not!)

Adjusting the fit - no toe loop 

Adjusting the fit - Knuckle, Toe, Buckle

  • Men's Flip Ecotread

    A flip without the flop! Chaco flips last way beyond your average summer sandal with smart design and function in mind.

  • Women's ZX/2 Unaweep

    A double strapped version of Chaco's classic pattern, the ZX/2® Unaweep provides all the performance elements of a Z/2® with more delicate webbing designs. A deep lug grip and contoured LUVSEAT™ footbed provide superior comfort & performance.

  • Men's Z/1 Unaweep Sandal

    A deep lug grip, contoured LUVSEAT™ footbed and open-toe design provide a level of comfort and performance seldom found in a sport sandal. A single buckle and Custom Adjust’em™ fit adjustable straps hold feet securely in every condition.

  • Women's Zong

    A slender and lightweight version of the Z/2®, this sandal provides toe strap grounding, the stability of our LUVSEAT™ footbed, and a partially-recycled outsole. Keep your foot in place, while your heel strides freely.