Fin & Feather

Kayaks: Current Designs

"A work of art, made for life"

Our kayaks are from Current Designs, a formerly Canadian company which is now also based out of Winona, Wisconsin. Current Designs kayaks are the perfect mix of form and function. As the leading builder of premium kayaks in the world, Current Designs uses the latest materials and technologies to create kayaks that are the envy of everyone on the water.

Kayak Construction

Current Designs touring kayaks are produced by either vacuum-bagged composite lamination or rotational molding. Both of these methods provides unique benefits that influence factors including weight, strength, durability, and price.

Vacuum-bagged composite lamination is the technology that Current Designs chose over twenty years ago for its superior properties. Originally developed by the aerospace industry to manufacture ultra-light, superbly strong components, Current Designs has been refining that same process ever since to deliver the lightest, strongest, and most durable kayaks available. Vacuum-bagged composite lamination uses high pressures to eliminate any excess resin that would otherwise add weight and reduce strength of the finished kayak. 

The result of this composite laminate construction is a kayak that is light-weight, extraordinarily tough and highly-durable. The exquisite finish of vacuum-bagged composite kayaks gave rise to CD's tag line, "A work of art, made for life."

Current Designs offers three laminates -- fiberglass, Kevlar® and composite hybrid for some models. Each material offers unique benefits to the discriminating paddler.

Fiberglass laminate

The vacuum-bagged fiberglass laminate is a notch above most other fiberglass products on the market. Vacuum-bagging allows CD to select and place reinforcing materials to provide the optimal strength and stiffness properties without adding unnecessary weight. The result is a superbly crafted composite kayak that's impeccably finished inside and out.

Kevlar® laminate

CD uses genuine Dupont Kevlar® in our kayaks. You'll notice the lightness of the Kevlar® kayaks the first time you pick one up. You'll also appreciate its easy lift on and off the car and its intimate responsiveness on the water. Kevlar® is an optional layup for our Performance Touring models.

Composite Hybrid laminate

The composite Kestrel and Vision families are made from a fiberglass and polyaramid (a generic for of Kevlar®) laminate for ultimate stiffness. This Hybrid layup makes these boats more cost efficient yet still lightweight.

Rotational molding

Rotational molding uses high temperature to melt polyethylene powder in a closed rotating metal mold to produce a complete kayak hull and deck in a fraction of the time required for other construction methods. CD's rotomolded polyethylene models offer paddlers the ability to enjoy many of the unique benefits of our designs at a economical price.