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Pro Shot Products Gun Cleaning Kit

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World's Best Universal Cleaning Kit: Combines all the quality advantages that Pro Shot has to offer into one complete package.


Pro Shot's Premium Cleaning Rod: Pro Shot exclusively uses USA made steel for its cleaning rods. Our steel starts our straight and stays straight all the way through the manufacturing process. Our rods are less hard than barrel steel, so you never have to worry. With micro polishing Pro shot builds the coating into the rod surface itself. This process is what gives a Pro Shot rod a mirror like finish and provides ultimate protection while cleaning. Any rod that picks up fouling can be abrasive and damaging to the barrel. Carbon Fiber, Spray Coated, and Aluminum Rods are known for this problem.

100% Cotton Flannel Patches: Our world famous precision cut gun cleaning patch is the most absorbent type of patch on the market! American made 100% cotton flannel material finished on both sides. Consisten thickness and shape offer even the most accurate minded shooter the best consistency and reliability.

100% Cotton Bore Mop: 100% cotton with brass core. Used for quick cleaning and bore lubrication. Mops are especially excellent for bore lubrication because they create a foaming action.

1 Step Gun Cleaner & Lubricant -CLP: Synthetic Proprietary cleaner & lubricant uses penetrating agents with additives to loosen fouling. contains a rust & corrosion inhibitor protection that is an environmentally safe formula-no harsh or toxic ingredients.

Pro Shot's Heavy Duty Nylon Bore Brushes: Heavy Duty nylon bore brushes remove fouling but will not harm bore. Great for heavily fouled barrels. These nylon bristles will not flatten like standard brass brushes. Brush is made with a solid brass core and coupling. Heavy Duty bylon bristles won't deteriorate when used with solvents or oils. Nylon Brushes included will fit: 22 Cal. Pistol, .38-45 Cal. Pistol, .22/.223 Cal Rifle, .30 Cal. rifle, 410-12 GA.

Quality Brass Accessories: The Muzzle Guard is a great accessory used to center the rod while cleaning from the muzzle. The Small Patch Holder is used for cleaning barrels from .22 Cal. thru .45 Cal. Pistol/Rifle. The Large Patch Holder is used for cleaning 410 thru 12 GA shotgun. The Shotgun Adaptor makes easy change from pistol/rifle threads (#8/32) to standard shotgun (#5/16-27) threaded accessories.

Double Ended Nylon Bristle Gun Brush: This brush does a superior job of cleaning in hard to reach places, with a textured handle for a positive grip.

Silicone Treated Cloth: Our silicone cloth has become a shooter's favorite, made of double napped 100% cotton flannel and double treated with pure silicone. Removes fingerprints, polishes and cleans.

UV Illuminator Bore Light: Fast and easy way to check barrels for cleaning or wear. insert the short end of the "J" Bore Bright UV Bore Light into the firearm chamber and watch the fiber optic light shine bright in your bore for inspection.